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Commercial Translocations Policy As a wildlife conservation organisation, LEHART does not undertake the capture and relocation ('translocation') of reptile and amphibian species for commercial purposes, either in situ (on site) or ex situ (off site).

Ideally such activities would be rendered unnecessary because of proactive surveying for protected species in advance of planning consent, in combination with a legislative framework in which the presumption would be against consent being given in the event of protected species being found.

Within the existing framework, LEHART will lobby for best practice in commercial translocations involving herpetofauna and for the accreditation of those who conduct them. It also believes in the importance of long-term monitoring to assess the success or otherwise of commercial translocations.

Database enquiries LEHART maintains the comprehensive County Herpetofauna Database of reptile and amphibian records across the three counties of London Essex and Hertfordshire consisting of more than 10,000 digitized records, many of which are not available from other Records Centres. These records are verified by experienced surveyors, and also where necessary, (for example in the case of great crested newts Triturus cristatus), by licence holders.

Data searches form a large part of Trust revenue; we hope that early enquiries will save time, money, and more importantly that they will identify and hence protect the animals before they become subject to hasty translocations of the sort described above. Searches are normally conducted for areas centred on a particular grid reference to a radius of 1km or 2km, and are offered on a 'per species' or 'per taxon' (eg 'reptiles') basis. Searches are often considerably cheaper than commercial consultancies and results are normally provided within five working days.

Enquiries should be sent to lehartrust@hotmail.com

We receive enquiries from local councils, consultancies, NGO's, land managers and other wildlife conservation bodies. Private individuals seeking information on a particular species local to them should also contact us at the email address above. In the latter case, provided that the information is not sensitive either from a conservation or commercial point of view, and that the information will not be used for commercial purposes, it will normally not be subject to a search fee.

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